In spring 2018 I had the pleasure of working with the lovely team at Chromosphere on their collaborative project with Rebecca Sugar and Cartoon Network for Doves campaign promoting body confidence and self-esteem.

On this project I worked as a 2d character animator bringing the Crystal Gems to life in a very lovely art style. 


Written & Directed Rebecca Sugar
Visualized Chromosphere
Art Director Jasmin Lai
Animation Director Eusong Lee
Storyboard Elizabeth Ito, Tiffany Ford, Lamar Abrams
Design Sophie Diao
Animation Tommy Rodricks, Thea Glad, Katrina Ruzics, Marlene Beaube, Gervais Merryweather
Compositing Stephane Coedel, Rob Ward
Creative Director, Chromosphere Kevin Dart
Director of Production, Chromosphere Myles Shioda